Committing to Authenticity in the Workplace

In order to embody trust and integrity, a genuine relationship must be developed with customers. This is achieved through honest interactions which ensure customers feel supported and informed. Providing ongoing support to our customer base is crucial at HTG and we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Team Members You Can Count On

In addition to customer relationships, trust and integrity are key to a cohesive team environment. Employees who turn up on time and add value to a business create an aura of reliability. This trust is observed amongst the workplace on a daily basis. HTG employees have even acknowledged this value amongst their peers, one HTG team member stating: ‘It’s reassuring to know we have him as a friend and a safety net’.

More Than Merely Satisfied

Further, integrity is observed in employees who go beyond what is expected of them, even when no one is watching. This value is recognised in team members who take the initiative to do acts which illustrate commitment to not only their work, but the wellbeing of their colleagues.

Supporting Peers

Supporting the people you work with is key to upholding the value of integrity. Building up your peers to strive for success and grow professionally through encouragement is what signifies integrity within a person. On the other hand, perfection cannot always be achieved and having integrity means owning and accepting mistakes in order to seek a solution and move forward. In an open environment with trust amongst colleagues, this can be put into effect.

Commitment to going above and beyond

A business built on honesty and integrity will undeniably stand a cut above the rest by maintaining a reputation of trust amongst all networks. This is why HTG believes in trust and integrity being the glue to our value system.