More Than Merely Satisfied

For many, the term ‘customer experience’ connotes to the aim of achieving customer satisfaction. Whilst this is not wrong, customer experience behaviours go beyond merely ensuring a customer base is satisfied.

Above and Beyond

HTG employees take pride in bringing to life the value of customer experience. This includes going above and beyond in their commitment to our customers. Each and every day, team members provide honest, clear and authentic advice to ensure transparency is maintained, whilst providing the utmost support for our clients. This creates a relationship of trust and provides our customers with confidence.

Above and beyond

Keeping our customers informed is key to providing the best customer experience. Knowledgeable staff recognise the importance of ensuring our customers understand the solution and the journey required to get there.


Providing personalised support will always set a customer experience apart. This includes being attentive their needs every step of the way. Creating a unique relationship is memorable to a client and will result in them being inclined to revisit a business in the future.

Across all our business units, HTG prides itself on holding a 4.6 star rating, evidenced in our Google My Business reviews. Our positive customer experience remains with a person for years. The unique approach to solutions provided by our HTG team members has even made a difference in rejuvenating the negative perception of ‘Teclo’ companies according to one happy customer.

Whether it is following through on a promise made or checking in with a customer, the smallest things will make the biggest impact on their experience with a business. Creating an outstanding experience is something which is acknowledged and celebrated amongst the HTG team.