Acts of Kindness

Friendship might seem like an odd value to promote within a workplace but it has been the key to HTG’s success. Being a friendly person or forming friendships isn’t all that this value encompasses. Rather, friendship includes respect for all individuals by maintaining a clean workspace and hearing out the opinions of others. This open and inclusive form of communication in turn, creates mentally healthy individuals.

Value Awards

The HTG value awards recognise simple acts of kindness that occur in the workplace. This includes everything from assisting a colleague solve an issue, to checking in and asking ‘How are you?’. All HTG team members have the opportunity to nominate their peers for embodying the HTG values. This is one of the many special nominations made every day, illustrating the impact of a simple gesture:

“Geri always takes the time to compliment me, and today whilst getting photos done, said I had a smile that lights up the room. Something as small as that means a lot and makes my day.”

Making someone’s day is infectious to the entire team and can have a significant effect on the success of a business and employee retention. Being one of our key values, friendship is observed on a daily basis throughout the workplace whether it be a smile on your way through the office or a coffee catch up in the HTG cafe.

Value Awards

Inclusive Workplace

It has always been imperative to HTG’s co-founders, Tim and Paul, that the team has a positive workplace to come into every day. This includes promoting open conversation and even a game of table tennis or connect four when the 3pm blues start to hit! These kinds of HTG traditions have built strong friendships amongst the workforce and has created a positive, inclusive workplace.

Letting off some steam

It makes it easier to come to work when you know you are supported by a team of caring individuals as there is nothing worse than when you feel as if you are working towards a goal alone. At HTG there is always someone willing to reach out and help and never a shortage of kindness, proving just how much friendship is valued.