It’s the Way We Grow

It’s a commitment we have to make to ourselves to never stop learning. This is what lies at the heart of being curious. It is the drive to explore our passions. When thinking about what it means to be curious, exploration and adventure come to mind. But we don’t have to venture up a mountain to spark curiosity. It all begins in the workplace.

A key aspect to harvesting curiosity is challenging what we believe to be the ‘norm’ and in doing so, furthering our horizons. It’s a funny thing to refer to our ‘horizons’ but when relating it to a workplace, it translates to the limitations we place on ourselves in our work roles. It is easy to meet the KPI’s but without fostering curiosity, individuals would fail to grow both personally, and professionally.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

In furthering our horizons, we shouldn’t always accept what is in front of us and must utilise curiosity to pursue a better and more innovative solution. This is exactly what happened for HTG. In order for the growing business to remain ahead of the game, the team didn’t take long to realise there was a need for a new system to fulfil unique requirements. Although these types of systems are commonly outsourced, HTG’s innovative mindset led to the creation of the customer relationship management tool (CRM), Paradise. The personalised CRM was created to meet the business requirements of the here and now, yet is able to evolve with the business as it grows. Hence, the curiosity of individuals can have immense benefits including innovation and streamlining of business processes.

It's as Simple as Asking a Question

It’s easy to work within the confines of a job description, but who is to say you might not be able to add value to another department? Without limiting ourselves and forgetting what it means to be curious, we can add true value. One of the most important things to remember is “the answer is always no until you ask”. It’s as simple as asking someone to walk in their shoes for an hour, learn a new skill or even support a project which you are passionate about. This is how we all grow as individuals, together in a team.

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