Hard work = a trip to Vanuatu!

I was fortunate enough to win an all-expenses paid trip to Vanuatu along with the other Diamond Award winners at HTG in February 2017. It was an incredible experience and a trip I definitely don’t take for granted. After a year of hard work, doing my job well and keeping on top of the ‘little things’ I learnt during my training and development I was recognised for this award. This was very humbling – as I had never been a part of a company, no matter how big or small, that recognised their people to this extent.


While over in Vanuatu, we were treated to an amazing island resort, that had amazing food & drinks. I was able to explore another country and find out about their culture – while getting to do some amazing tours. We also had an amazing opportunity to donate to a local school in one of the villages. We got to see how the kids grew up, and see what their schooling life looked like. No matter the living or working conditions, you could not wipe the smile off anyone’s face… this was definitely an eye opener.



During the trip the group got to know each other better and mix with other staff members from different business units and brands who were also selected. From snorkelling, to various lunches & dinners, visiting local villages, swimming with turtles, riding quad bikes & crossing from the island to the mainland in a leaking boat it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


Coming back from the trip made me want to work even harder than the year before so that I have every chance possible to become a Diamond Award winner for the second time. I think it is a great opportunity that HTG give their staff as it brings the best out in everyone as not many companies reward their staff like HTG.



The trip to Vanuatu made me realise how lucky I am to work for a company like HTG as there are never ending opportunities if you put the right foot forward. Whether it be working in different business units like in a retail store, a business centre, on the road, in our state of the art HQ or at the café.



I believe that at HTG they are willing to invest in our personal and professional development as well as recognising us at quarterly awards, but not forgetting about the 1%ers along the way.


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Jake Carroll