A day in the life of a techician

A day in the life a a technician is never a boring. Here’s what a “standard” day might look like:


I’m woken by the sounds of chatter in the room next door, my 1 year old is awake and has decided it’s time to play. I pull the covers up and try to pretend I’m alone on a deserted island because it’s way too early to be playing peek-a-boo.



My phone starts chiming for me to get up. The little monkey in the next room knows this sound and now starts yelling what I can only assume in his mind is, “get up dad I’ve been awake for ages already”. My wife also has to work today so I take solace in the fact that she has to get up also.



I walk into my little man’s room, he’s standing at the edge of his cot, smile on his face, this instantly makes getting up worthwhile. We both stagger down the hall. My 4 year old is up and is already sitting on the lounge watching Nick junior with a yogurt in his hand, when did he grow up so quickly? He sees me, runs over and says good morning daddy and gives me a big cuddle.


This is the moment of realisation…… This is why I do this every day!


Off to work. As much as I love my co-workers they all have very different taste in music. So, I take this opportunity to listen to some fast dance track that Chris would refer to as 90’s German trance, definitely something he would disapprove of. Is it too early for listening to hard EDM? NO, IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY.




I wander into work, Red Bull in hand, greet the few staff that like getting to work a bit early like myself (Christine’s smiling face is usually among those), I setup my laptop, log in to check my appointments for the day and crack open my Red Bull. There are those that go to the gym to get the adrenaline pumping through their veins to make them passionate about their day. Me, I DRINK RED BULL!



As Leadership Team round up the fellow colleagues for a day start the Red Bull has started to do its trick and I’m ready to take on the world of Telstra. A quick game, a recap of yesterday, and today’s targets, 15 min goes way to fast as you see the crowd building up outside.



BOOM!!! IT’S SHOWTIME. As the doors are pulled away, the hum of human fills the store. It’s game on for our floor manager, I can see Skye counting the number of customers in the queue vs. the number of sales staff. 9am and we already have a flood of customers ready to please.


My 9 o’clock appointment wanders in, places their laptop on the Tech Bar, as I say good morning to my customer and ask them what brings them in today I start to set up their laptop. I like to strike a conversation early because I know their laptop can take 15 minutes to boot up.



I feel a gentle breeze across the back of my neck, one of my fellow staff have a question they need to ask me. It’s OK because I’m sure it will only be a quick one, and I know they have already searched for the answer through our online recourses first, because that’s the right thing to do.


It’s a good thing I was born with two ears because that way I can listen to two people asking me different questions at the same time. I can actually multitask pretty well, If my wife asks though, multitasking is not one of my skill sets.



First appointment down, 20 questions asked and answered and the Red Bull coursing through my veins. My 10am is waiting patiently for me to solve their technical issue.

Off we go again. I won’t bore you with the techy details of my problem solving skills (there amazing by the way) but I’ve always had a knack for process of elimination. It probably looks something like the falling characters out of the matrix, makes sense to me but is just a bunch of falling numbers for others.



3pm rolls on in, what just happened??? I swear it was only 10am 5 minutes ago??



WOOO HOOO I love my job, I love the people I work with and I have much respect for my management and the time flies when you work in such a fast paced environment. I pack away my laptop make sure nothing is left around, an organised desk is a sign of an organised mind, Bahahaha my mind is like mushy peas right now.



Home at last, I walk through the door to be greeted by the family all with smiling faces, as the wife and I sit down and have a debrief of the highs and lows of the day I look at the kids and there’s that moment again. This is why I do what I do this everyday.


Gareth Holmes