Seeing the smiles on a child’s face makes all the hard work easy

We recently had our annual fundraiser event “Amazing Race for Wishes” which was sponsored by HTG for the 3rd year in a row


The Amazing Race for Wishes is a fundraiser event designed just like the TV show, but tweaked slightly to have 20 teams racing with 4 people in each one.



Each teams uses their own car to race all over the Gold Coast to some beautiful and iconic venues. They complete challenges that are physical, mental and team building. Teams love the anticipation of ripping open the clue card to discover their next destination.  They must tackle a roadblock, or detour challenge to move on to the next.


This season we were very grateful to have the support of 6 Australian Survivors Flick, Craig, Brooke, Kylie, Phoebe and Peter.  These amazing celebrities not only gave us their time and support by racing, but traveling from far and wide to be part of it. They certainly bought a real spark to the race. Teams loved it as did the public as they raced all over the GC.   


As quoted by Flick:


“It was an amazing day and there was never a dull moment. It was so professionally organized that my team felt as if we were on the actual show. My appreciation goes out to every volunteer, sponsor, and participant and we hope to see you all again next year.”   


The HTG team played a huge part in the events success, which raised $29,550. Zoe Shearer and Shane Deragopian, from the HTG marketing team, went above and beyond to help with venue contacts, elements within the race and getting a large amount of media coverage for the Amazing Race for Wishes on race day.



Make A Wish is a non profit, non government funded organization. We grant wishes to children with a life threatening medical condition, we aim to bring hope, strength, and joy by providing these wishes. As a volunteer for Make A Wish, I have received “joy” by seeing the huge amount of joy on a child’s face when they arrive to receive a wish.


Not only do these children go through hardship, but for their family it’s  been a long hard road too.  I will not forget the tears from one of the fathers, I met him at the airport and he was so touched there was some one to greet them and give a little bag with some nibbles after a long flight.  What might seem so small, means so much to these family, after often years of hardship.


Amazing Race for Wishes was a very successful event that was made possible by the support of HTG, 6 celebrity Australia Survivors, 12 fantastic venues, some amazing photographers, and our ever dedicated team of Make A Wish – Gold Coast volunteers.


Karen Cameron

Volunteer – Amazing Race for Wishes Event Coordinator

Gold Coast Volunteer Branch