Can you sing along in the car with your general manager?…

Or Snapchat your Logistics manager?…. because I can. If this isn’t the first blog you have read on our website, then you will surely notice a strong pattern around family and team culture.


I thought maybe I should write something different, but I think everyone’s experience with HTG values are so unique, I thought to myself, why not share mine?


In the Beginning

My role at HTG started with my neighbour handing in my resume as she also worked for the company. HTG was starting a trial retail training lab for their Telstra stores and needed some guinea pigs to try it out, luckily enough I was selected to join the lab. I had never worked in Telecommunications, only fashion retail so I was pretty nervous with how I was going to go but as soon as I met everyone my nerves washed away.


Everyone was so welcoming and were always smiling. We had morning tea on the Tuesday and there were all sorts of cakes and pastries. All these people from different departments were coming together and introducing themselves and asking how we were going. I thought this was maybe just a one off, to get everyone to meet the new training group, but sure enough next Tuesday the same thing happened and all the staff checked in again – how cool is this!? People actually seem to care about how we were going.



Life in Retail

It wasn’t long before I was in the retail store working with 22 other staff and I immediately felt part of the team. Everyone would share their highlights of their week, we would laugh with each other, we had nights out where would all get together and just hang out. I had never experienced anything like this. I truly enjoyed coming to work every day and catching up with everyone. Family is such an important part of the HTG culture and it is really something I’m very lucky and proud to be a part of.


At HTG we are a Family

I have now had a few roles with the company and my career progression has been crazy. I have never not felt part of the HTG family. I have met my best friend within this company and my sister now works with us too. I car pooled to work with the Vast general manager last week and we sung along to the radio together. When his little girl was first born I bought her a little outfit, I have looked after our operations manager’s children and dog sat at her house while she was away over Easter.


I have let the girls borrow some of my dresses and they have done the same for me. I have driven other colleagues to their car when it was raining. I do these things, not because it is expected of me, but because that is what you do for family. The relationship we share with each other at HTG, is that of a family and when you’re there, there is always someone here that greets you with a warm smile and a hello, so you never feel alone.


I simply enjoy working here, and everyone I get to work with is a huge bonus!


If you are lucky enough to join HTG you won’t regret it… well not until the hangovers after the Christmas parties.


Rogan Reilly