Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Having worked in digital marketing before, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into when I applied for a marketing internship at HTG. That so wasn’t the case! My first interview with Danielle, Nayara, and Stevie was, honestly, one of a kind. We talked about everything from my coursework to our common love for food, marketing campaigns and more. The team made me feel comfortable and welcome especially after establishing the fact that I was doing this internship for myself and not as a part of my university coursework. Dani went out of her way to make sure I was both authorized and covered to work with HTG which made me say no to another job, just so I could work at HTG.

Everyone has preconceived notions about internships and all the grunt work that comes along with it. But my experience with HTG was totally different to this. From my first day, I was contributing to creating content for a number of HTG’s social media platforms. I can proudly say, in the first 3 months of my internship I was a part of re-branding and working on the campaign launches for two of our brands. From analyzing competitors to debating the content in style guides and writing content for websites, I learned more about marketing here than I had in 3 years of studying it. Nayara taking time every day to teach me about keyword management, SEO and other aspects of digital marketing has strengthened my passion for the field. One of the proudest moments for me was the success of the Telstra Business Technology Centre Gold Coast breakfast event which I helped organize. My marketing team didn’t restrict me to only working in marketing, they also helped me pursue all my interests and passion like being the photographer at the event. Danielle and the team at HTG are very keen on teaching and imparting their knowledge through a wide array of experiences. I didn’t think I could grow so much professionally in such a short period of time.

HTG is not just a business unit but a family. It didn’t take me long to figure out why they have been awarded as a “Great Place To Work ” in Australia coming 14th place in 2019 (100 – 999 employees). The community they have created with their employees and with their customers is like none I have ever seen before. One right step outside my own comfort zone helped me realize my potential not only as an employee but also as a person. The values of friendship and curiosity have really helped my learning process too. Things like team lunches, long discussions about various marketing topics, golf sessions, and team ice-breaker sessions have created a sense of loyalty in me which made my work so much more enjoyable. I don’t remember ever wanting to go to work every day or even looking forward to Monday mornings. This internship helped me understand that it’s not only important to be passionate about what work you do but also where you work. HTG is that place for me because of their culture and their people.

Throughout my life, I have always believed in making the most of every opportunity which has been given to me. The practical and hands-on experience I have received at HTG is something I will always cherish. The mentors and friendships I have made here and the experiences I have had are truly very enlightening. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to work at a place that truly believes in empowering its employees like HTG.

Written by Shreya Kulkarni