End of Year Campaign with Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ)

Helensvale Technology Group (HTG) love to support charities and take part in their great causes, so in 2019 a charity was voted by the team at HTG – the beloved Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ). Just like us, AWLQ has a mission to embrace a brighter future, striving and working hard everyday to get there, this is why HTG believed AWLQ were the perfect fundraiser to support.

Getting to Zero! The Getting to Zero model details the principles and strategies for reducing the numbers of incoming cats and dogs to pounds and shelters and saving 90% in a whole community. The total amount of animals at the shelter has dropped dramatically. In 2014-2015 a horrifying number of 2221 animals were euthanized, now the community is actively aware and helping this cause, with numbers dropping to 741 in 2017-2019!

An amazing, ever growing group of volunteers put their blood sweat and tears into making this model a real life miracle and have been succeeding from day one. But volunteer work can only go so far, so that’s where HTG comes in.

So we set ourselves a challenge! Our three Telstra retail stores Helensvale, Burleigh and Harbour Town, all set out to fundraise money for an amazing campaign. Christmas spirit was around, tree’s were all set up with presents sitting below, the last thing left to do was decorate those Christmas tree’s. Six beautiful dogs at the ALWQ were picked to be the faces on our baubles which would adorn our tree’s across these stores.

Before the campaign even started the baubles were already being hung, and this was something truly worth telling people about. As each day passed, the trees were slowly being taken over by baubles and little fluffy colourful faces thanks to the kids’ beautiful colourings.

At the end of this great campaign a whopping $5,983.10 was raised, helping provide veterinary care, food, shelter to all the beautiful animals until they are rehomed.

So from all of Helensvale Technology Group we want to say a massive thank you to our staff and customers, this wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions, generosity and kind hearts.