HTG Connect: Getting the Ball Rolling at Strike Surfers Paradise

There’s no doubting that working in retail can be busy. With multiple product launches on top of the usual happenings of retail life, there are often times where all hands are required on deck. However, it’s not possible to work at double-speed forever, as it’s essential to have a proper balance between work and life. Luckily, HTG knows how to reward staff for their hard work, helping to cover the bill for four nights out a year for their hard-working teams.

HTG Connect

HTG Connect events are a great opportunity for the whole team to get together outside of working hours, celebrate successes, bond, and enjoy each others company. Better yet, HTG contributes to the bill! Other teams have recently done mini-golf or enjoyed a  BBQ night with drinks and board games, but I’m excited to say we headed to Strike Surfers Paradise for a night of bowling!


Helensvale retail team at HTG Connect event

Strike Surfers Paradise

With six lanes booked out to accommodate for our massive team, we were quickly into the swing of things, enjoying a few drinks and even the odd strike. The atmosphere just kept on growing! It wasn’t long before the strobe was pumping, the funky disco tunes were rolling, and the expert bowlers (as well as the not-so-expert bowlers) started to show their true colours! Nonetheless, everyone was having a great time and bouncing along with the sound system in between bowls.

In reflection, bowling was a fantastic opportunity for the team to bond. There were a few new faces at this HTG Connect event, so it was fun to get to know everybody outside of work. Afterwards, we headed out to a nearby bar and had some dinner and drinks.

Key Reasons to Socialise With Team-members

Not only are HTG Connect events a load of fun, they also provide several other staff benefits, including:

  • Expanding your network
  • Gaining insight into personalities
  • Building your presence and likeability
  • Increasing feelings of togetherness and teamwork
  • Gathering more knowledge about the company and its activities
  • Forming genuine friendships

If you’re looking for your next opportunity to be with a company that has a great workplace culture and celebrates success, check out the current openings HTG has to offer.

Jordan Hinz