Great First Impressions: Welcomed to HTG

When new staff begin in the workplace, they are often met with piles of paperwork, a quick office tour and a brief overview of the companies vision statement. Although important, the standardised onboarding process too often overlooks making the employee feel welcomed, appreciated, and a part of an organisation’s culture as soon as possible. HTG understands the importance of great first impressions, embracing new staff and making them feel welcome from the get-go.

I’ve recently started with HTG as a Retail Customer Advisor at Telstra Store Helensvale, and so far the experience has been amazing! In just over six months now, I’ve already been given more opportunities to learn than I have at any other workplace. Everyone made me feel welcome from the beginning, giving me the right training and resources to improve myself and my skills.

Warm Welcome

Coming from another Telstra store made for a smooth transition, but what was even easier was fitting in with the people here. HTG believes in caring for staff and has training programs in place to supplement personal development.


training and development


Training & Development

So far, I’ve completed the first of four Aspire training courses, which focuses on communicating effectively with customers and colleagues. During the Aspire course, attendees are introduced to the DISC Advanced Personality model, which determines personality types. The Aspire course then includes activities and discussions on how to best work within your teams and interact based on the determined personality types.  


‘Boss’ is a term I’d loosely use at HTG. ‘Leader’ seems to be a better fit. Managers act as guidance and support people who give you what you need to succeed while being there for you every step of the way. We often get to sit down one-on-one with our managers to discuss career paths within the company and set goals to track progress and maintain motivation.  

I look forward to a long career within the HTG family, and will continue to frequently visit our cafe for the great coffee!

Check out HTG’s current openings if you’re looking for your next opportunity to be with a company that believes in staff learning & development.

Joshua Atkinson