Starting Off in My First Sales Job

I’ve recently started as a Customer Advisor at Telstra Store Helensvale, after moving to the Gold Coast to enjoy the beautiful weather! I’m originally from South Africa, but I’d been living in Traralgon, a small country town south-east of Melbourne, for a few years before relocating.


Previous Experience

Most of my working experience before starting as a Customer Advisor involved looking after children. I worked as a babysitter and a nanny for most of my teenage years, and never in a million years would I have imagined working for Telstra! The only face-to-face sales or customer service related experience I had previously was at Hungry Jacks and a gym in Traralgon. I did have some over-the-phone customer service experience as my most recent job was at a call centre. I wasn’t much of a fan of dealing with people over the phone, as I’ve always preferred working face to face with people.


Starting Out

I had mixed feelings when I officially landed the job as a Customer Advisor. I was fairly nervous, as my background didn’t include a lot of customer service or sales experience. However, I was excited to take on the challenge that lay before me.


I knew this job would be a massive challenge, but I’m so glad that I pushed myself to do it. I’ve always been a hardworking and conscientious person, and these skills are essential in my role. Although I didn’t have previous sales experience, with the help of HTG’s training, I already have two massive weeks of sales under my belt. By applying the seven steps to sales tips, paying attention to detail and genuinely caring about my customers, I’ve been able to make it to the top of the weekly sales leaderboard and received seven Google reviews in one week!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to join HTG, as I have already grown so much as a person and the job keeps getting better. Everyone that I work with has made this position an exciting experience. The people have all been incredibly supportive and have helped me learn so much. I’m continuing to learn new things every day, and I look forward to growing with HTG!

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Jayde Gullan