Five Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

I’m sure we have all worked for an employer we didn’t like. Whether it was their obsessive micromanagement or their lack of respect for employees, a bad boss can give us little to no motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Well, the unmotivating manager no longer has a place in today’s workplaces as staff now know they deserve better. Managers today need to know how to retain staff, show employees they care and not risk losing them to large corporations that can offer them more. These are just five easy ways employers can show employees they care. 

Be real with them

If your staff ask you for feedback, give it to them in a constructive way. Full transparency may be accompanied by a few uncomfortable conversations, but those discussions prove you care enough to deliver the hard truth. Honesty (when delivered correctly) means a lot to employees and goes a long way to building trusting relationships. As a bonus, that truthful and transparent feedback will also ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a collective goal.
Manager with arms around employees

Relate to them

If you sense an employee’s having a problem, think about what you have gone through and share what you did to overcome the issue. As a leader, employees sometimes place you on a pedestal, but putting yourself on their level by showing your own vulnerability and imperfections helps them overcome their challenges. We are all human beings after all.

Give them the tools they need

Employees expect to be given the right tools for the job. You can’t expect your staff to meet deadlines while trying to work on an internet connection that lags or drops out. Updated technology has so much potential to help staff do a better job in less time, and is now an expectation in today’s workplaces.

Do something different

The perks and benefits offered to staff these days are incredible. Yes, some of these organisations have massive budgets, but even budget-friendly options are a great way of giving back to your staff. A drink on a Friday afternoon, a game of basketball over lunch, weekly in-office yoga classes or fresh fruit Wednesdays are all something teams appreciate.

man making basketball shot on lunchbreak

Notice the little things

Whether it’s an encouraging email when the team has a small win or noticing when someone just doesn’t ‘seem themselves’, picking up on the smaller things really resonates with your employees. You don’t have to go over the top, just be encouraging and let them know you are there if they need you.

It really is the little things that help staff enjoy their workplace. Don’t be the manager that gives your employees no reason to get out of work in the morning! For more suggestions, check out our Seven Tips for Building Positive Team Member Engagement.

Geri Hammond