No Guts, No Glory

My diverse background has given me a wonderfully fresh perspective on the way things are done in the Finance Broking industry. I’m asking a lot of question and challenging processes or policies that have been carved in stone for decades. I am hoping to bring a fresh, innovative approach, based on proven technology to the finance industry.

My strong background in whole of business ICT solutions, and my ability to use technology to do things better and smarter, has given me a broad foundation to know what type of applications and processes are being used in other industries. I’m widening my thoughts as to how I can use these in Finance Broking to improve productivity and become environmentally friendly.

Doing things differently requires the confidence to challenge the old and a desire to embrace the new. This becomes more of an obstacle in the larger organisations and industries or when processes have been in place since the beginning of time. It takes a little time to turn the Titanic around, pardon my pun. Sometimes processes are so embedded in an organisation that it will require a dedicated project team to affect change. Fortunately Loanezi is a nimble and young organisation, our flexibility will be our silver bullet in the finance industry.

I love the simple explanation of human behaviour towards change in the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. The driving force behind change needs to be bigger than the fear of the change to begin with, or it needs to be inevitable, in which case you drag people along for the journey. This is where the saying stemmed from that “old habits die hard”.

I still remember a black and purple Pennywise sticker I had on my high school book when I was about 14… No Guts, No Glory. I still love that saying today. Because once you become fearless in business or in life, the world of opportunity becomes limitless. It’s probably easier to live and die within a relatively new organisation or business that has less to lose. Nevertheless, it takes stamina, tenacity and perseverance to challenge the known doctrine.

I believe that change is inevitable, and although I also have my comfort zones that I love to dwell in, I can feel the opportunity within this era of digital disruption and this drives me to have the guts!

And as the old saying goes, while I am on clichés… out with the old, in with the new!

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