Fire Twirlers, Tribal Drums and a Sideshow Alley at HTG

The only thing more mesmerising than the fire twirlers being tossed and swung around were the great plumes of flame emitting 2 or even 3 metres high from each kerosene soaked breath. I’ve never seen a firebreather in person before; the closest thing I can compare it to was accidently blowing up the family gas BBQ when I was aged 12. At least this time I get to keep my eyebrows. It is quite incredible how the trails of flame from the twirling sticks seemingly create shapes and patterns out of thin air, perfectly complemented by the rumble of traditional drums. Deep tribal beats from djembes and congas filled the punchy atmosphere with a constant and steady heartbeat.

This was a jungle dance, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the set of Survivor had jumped out of the TV screen, and taken to the streets. Beyond these Aztec circus performers was sideshow alley, direct from Coney Island, complete with high striker hammer, swinging ladder climb and shooting rubber ducks. Assaults on the senses didn’t stop there. Wafting in came the unmistakable aromas of wood fired pizza, southern style BBQ, candy floss and popcorn. I’m fairly confident my Technical Manager even downed a hot dog or three. Yes, you read that correctly, welcome to one my quarterly work events, held in our carpark.

I started with HTG in March 2016, and unless you live in California and your payslip has Google written on it, chances are this is one of the most progressive, energetic and fun places you could ever hope to work at. Our office is situated on the Gold Coast, which in itself is a fantastic area to be in, and occasionally you forget you’re not actually on holiday. Working for HTG and the forward thinking that’s part of their core values really does energise you for your working day and compels you to realise how fortunate you can be to enjoy the job you’re in.

Matthew Taylor
Technician – Techwell