Learning and Development in Sales at HTG

A career in Sales is a career that comes with a great deal of support – not just for new starters but throughout your time at HTG. Personal learning and development is a strong company focus and HTG really understands the importance of investing in personnel and ensuring we’re a happy and fulfilled bunch. After all work is a pretty important part of life!

As a newbie, you’ll be introduced to our learning labs, which run every five weeks. Refreshers as well as daily coaching and reflection opportunities reinforce the learnings from lab sessions and will continue throughout your career. Team leaders actually strategise our learning requirements to ensure that every team member is the best they can be, not just for customers but also for the individual. And when you’re out on the floor, managers provide continual issue resolution as the need arises. The support you’ll experience is considered, thorough and nurturing at every level.

Our learning and development opportunities come in the form of both internal delivered courses, which are tailored to our selling environment and external training, which has a technical and product focus.

While training opportunities are fantastic, it’s the culture of learning that really sets HTG apart. Teams work together to find better ways of doing things and share knowledge and experience with each other to improve the team as a whole. Your efforts are rewarded through daily endorsements and even R&R. If it’s a rewarding career you’re after, HTG is the perfect opportunity, so get in touch with us soon.