Operations Event – The Great Race

What an event! We started off by shutting down tools at 3pm on Friday afternoon and then all met down stairs to begin the adventure. Our teams began by discussing team names which really started to boost the excitement within the room. Tash explained the rules and the teams that would start 1st and then other teams follow after being drawn out of a hat earlier that day.

We each took team photos and then were given our first envelope and when each team started at the assigned time were given the first riddle.

The first clue

“Go to the place where one of your colleagues spends most of their days. It is not far and you will find it open 7 days a week. Exercise is good for the brain & the body so once you arrive everyone is to completed 5 star jumps. If you can reach for the stars you will get your next clue.”

My team, Bree, Dani, Maz and myself raced out the doors to HTG while opening the envelope we figured out the riddle and drove to Helensvale Telstra Store. Here we were met by Shauni and performed excellently with our star jumps while customers and staff stared. We could not stop laughing.

Where to next?

Shauni gave us our next clue so out the doors we ran, fumbling to open the next envelope which read, ‘Stop HANGING around and SWING into action. Go to a place where you found childhood satisfaction. You don’t need to walk far you will this right outside, Don’t let your game SLIDE, stop PLAYING around, Hurry and get over to this fun loving GROUND.”

Quickly we changed direction and started bolting to the playground at the Helensvale Westfield which we were met with a smile and a giggle by Chrissie and Nikita who told us we must slide down the slide backwards while the other team goes on the swing set.

Challenging our fears a few of my team members and I climbed the children’s playground and went down the slide, while the children and parents were looking at us in shock and laughing as a bunch of adults were trying to climb through child sized wholes and slides. There were a few close calls and minor head banging injuries followed by more laughter once we completed the challenge.

Once this task was completed we were given the next riddle, “Feathers, scales, whiskers or waggy tail, go to the place where you’ll find these retail.” Racing to the pet store were faced we 2 other teams all racing to complete the challenge at the same time.

Pick a pet

We had to Pick a pet animal and find out: What would you name one if you became an owner? Name 3 other interesting facts about the animal? Get a photo with animal of your choice and text the result to Rach who held the key to the next activity!

Our Team chose the Cavoodle, and had to google the facts as quickly as possible while Dani texted Rach madly. We were all so anxious while waiting for the text to go through so we could go to the next stage while watching each team run off. Finally, we got our next riddle, “When it comes to sloptions you have no options. You will leave here feeling hazey & a little bit dazey!” Off to options we ran, by this point we were all starting to feel the exhaustion of racing through the centre just to get to Options Tavern, where we were met by Heidi! The task was for 1 member (a non-driver) will take a shot of tequila and chant ‘areeebbaa areebbaa!”. Lining up and waiting for our teams turn Maz chose to take one for the team and shot the tequila!

Old McDonald had a farm

The next clue was, “If you want some fast food, this is where you would go, this old man had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, from here you would hear the screams from the joker rollercoaster.” We began running towards the McDonalds within the centre and then my team mates realised this was the McDonalds across the road from Movie world. Bree drove us to our next destination, where we were able to take a breather in the car and catch our breath from all the adventure.

Once we got to the McDonalds we could see other teams leaving and arriving and ran inside to meet Laura, who gave us the activity, “Find the item on the menu using the coins Laura gave you. Kids scream we all scream for…. Riddle me this riddle me that who’s afraid of the big black bat, take you item with you and drive to the place where you tawt you saw a puddy tat, once you arrive you may enjoy your surprise outside the big arching sign” Standing in line with Dani I looked down confused at .70 and realised we had to order an ice cream. It took them, what felt like 10 mins to get the ice cream to us and the staff ended up making 2, which was a real treat. Once we got the ice cream we ran back to the car where Bree had parked and jumped in the car. Maz barely was inside the car with the door open when Bree began to drive off, which just made the experience even more hilarious!

Sitting in traffic we pondered where we were amongst the teams! We may have taken a short cut just to save some time. We arrived at movie world with 2 ice creams and Maz ran out to Shauni to get our final clue, once we could find a safe place to stop Dani ran to Maz to complete the ice cream challenge and ate it! What a mix, tequila and soft serve! Shauni gave the girls the final clue and they were running around trying to find where Bree and I had stopped to get back in the car.

The final clue

The final clue, “This place is quite new with games that will entertain you. You have been there before it is where you will find booze, food and more. The winner takes all and the drinks are on you. But if the tequila is too much and you need to take a snooze, there is a cinema nearby and a movie for you.” The final leg of the race was upon us so we drove to Crafty’s at Harbour Town to wind down from this amazing afternoon adventure.

Once we arrived and found a park, we were greeted by the 3 teams that had beaten us in the race! We began to swap stories and once the final team arrived there was a presentation where the winners were given metals and the last place team was given wooden spoons. We had found that one of the teams had ended up at Paradise Country after reading one of the clues and then almost again ending up at Coomera Westfield!

To end an amazing afternoon we ate pizza, chips and onion rings and celebrated with a few beverages. One of the best service afternoon/night I have ever attended.