HTG’s Pinky Promise to Company Culture

Quite often large companies set the expectation for their employees to “think outside of the box” when working on their individual portfolios, yet fail to do so when it comes to inspiring the business as a whole. This is why HTG has the ability to retain top talent.

It is undeniable that employee performance is driven by the value system and vision of a company. So why would a company expect their employees to be thoughtful, inspiring individuals without being a positive corporate citizen themselves?

What is important to HTG

The most rewarding part of working under the Telstra umbrella, a household name, is the ability to use that reach to bring people together from all walks of life to a common goal. Not just the goal of running a profitable business but rather, making a difference.

Thinking pink

When raising the topic of women’s cancer with friends and family, it didn’t take long for me to realise a common trend. Almost everyone had a female relative or friend who had been impacted by cancer in some form.

The Pinky Promise campaign resonates with everyone and is more than about raising money for the Cancer Council foundation. The common goal brings the business together, alongside the wider Gold Coast community, in order to strengthen values of friendship and integrity. This creates a work environment made up of driven, passionate individuals who genuinely care about each other and take pride in their work.

One thing HTG employees have in common is that no one is afraid to go above and beyond to ensure they make a positive impact through the work they do. This gratuitous, all-for-one community mindset is our company culture.

You can make a difference too

If you would like to join the HTG team and support a special cause, pop into a Telstra store in Helensvale, Harbour Town or Burleigh heads to purchase a piece of Pink Ribbon merchandise. We “Pinky Promise” your generosity will be life changing.