Why having friends at work is important

Why having friends at work is important

Friendship is something we tend to perceive as a state of being to which we develop a relationship from being strangers. We develop a sense to which we are able to understand another person.

Friendships enrich our lives, they are well worth the time it takes to develop and maintain those relationships. As adults, we establish rapport in order to establish a better understanding not only for a day-to day activity but also to establish friends.

Friends are those who got your back when you’re against the wall, they’rethe ones who accompany us in our little quirks and enjoy them. They are also the ones who laugh when you stumble before they help you get back up on your feet.

A trip down memory lane

Way back in college, I met one of the best people I have ever met in this world. A person who at first was a mere stranger, but as days have gone by I was able to grasp her personality. We were classmates all throughout my college life. Then as the years passed by, she became one of which I can say a sister from another mother, someone I could confide in or simply my best friend.

Workplace friendships

We spend almost 1/2 our life at work, so it’s important to have a happy and healthy work life. The people you work with play a huge role in your workplace happiness. Friendships develop naturally, based on the amount of time spent together, mutual respect, and a lot of laughter.

There are countless benefits to having friends at work. Work friendships can be about building a shared sense of purpose and creating a mindset that says ‘we’re all in this together’, encouraging employees to work hard and strive for better outcomes.

Within our company, my co-workers and I became a family; eating together, pranking each other, having someone to go to with questions or concerns, someone to chat to about the weekend, to celebrate your wins and console you in defeat, sharing troubles and joys.

Having friends at work certainly makes the daily grind more enjoyable, and increases personal resilience. Remember we are all in this together, so make the best of your time at work, it helps to have positive relationships and makes your working day a lot more fun.

Cherish Canlas