Why HTG is one of the best places to work on the Gold Coast

There are hundreds of reasons why I believe HTG is one of the greatest places to work on the Gold Coast. I’ve been with the business for nearly 8 years and I have loved every minute of it. Over the years, as with most businesses, there have been a lot of changes. We work in a very fast paced environment, based around the tech industry, so adapting well to change is a must.

During my time here there have been a few things that have stayed consistent and the key stand out for me is HTG’s continuous investment in their people on both a personal and professional level. I was recently selected along with 11 others, all from different areas of the business, to attend a 2 day workshop focused purely on the development of our leadership skills.

The workshop has given me some much needed skills, here are my key take outs.

Not just managers are leaders in the business

Taking on a leadership role in a business isn’t just about the title you hold, or whether you’re involved in building business strategies, tasks and making sure people are doing their job.

Leadership is about being able to have an influence on those around you, it’s about upholding a culture, building relationships and working with people, where everyone is working toward a vision, together.

Creating line of sight

Having the ability to influence others, by showing them the involvement and impact they can have on a task or project is a great way to create a line of sight. When you can positively influence those around you you’ll be able to strengthen your own personal brand, becoming a natural leader, whether you thought it was a strength or not.

What is your leadership style?

Understanding what your natural leadership style is allows you to learn more about your own strengths and areas of your style, so you can help lead others depending on their confidence and capability to perform a task. I found the framework of situational leadership very interesting. Completing a self assessment is the first step to understanding how you react, as a leader in different business circumstances.

I’m always excited to be involved in HTG’s growth programs, but so far Aspire 2 has been the one that has really helped develop my confidence and leadership skills. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I have at HTG. If you’re looking for a challenging role in an environment that will help you thrive personally and professionally, make sure you check out our openings and you will soon understand what I mean when I say “HTG is one of the greatest places to work on the Gold Coast.”

Geri Hammond