New Role, New Responsibilities, Same Great Place

HTG is made up of individuals who are driven by our values to be the best they can be for themselves, each other, and their customers. A part of this is the ongoing commitment to investing in learning and offering real opportunities for development within the organisation. I’ve recently seen these values play out first hand, after making the transition from working in a retail store to ICT Project Coordinator.

Starting at HTG: Retail

I can remember my first week at HTG, including the induction and learning roles and responsibilities. Next,  I was off to Telstra Store Harbour Town to learn a whole new ball game: retail. It was my first time selling Telstra in a retail environment, and it was an exciting new challenge.

Fast forward two and a half years, two annual diamond awards and a slew of customer advocacies and I’ve found myself in a new game with new responsibilities, at the same great place! I have to admit, after reading the job description for my current role, I was second guessing whether or not I’d even be able to do it. However, with the reassurance and enthusiastic support from the senior leadership team at HTG, I knew it was too good of an opportunity to pass.

ICT Project Coordinator and Complex Data

In my new role, I deal with a relatively new product class of Complex Data as ICT Project Coordinator. My responsibilities denote three essential parts:

1) Submission of orders for complex data

Ensuring that all order submissions are clean, error-free, with all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted means faster ordering and the ball gets moving quicker.

2) Project Coordinating

Once the order has been received, the ‘Project Coordinator’ side of the role is truly underway. Project Coordinating entails several things, such as making sure the order is progressing and not getting stuck at any points. Ensuring that the proper information is given to the respective stakeholders is an essential part of the role, and most importantly, ensuring the customer understands what’s happening. To do so, I’m in regular contact with both stakeholders and customers, and available as a point of contact for any queries during the process.

3) Closing orders

Lastly, once everything is connected and the customer is happy, there comes a very crucial part: closing the order! With the complex nature of the jobs, there are several aspects affecting the closure of a project. Everything needs to line up perfectly, and some days it can honestly feel like I’m trying to align the stars themselves! 

So that’s my role in a nutshell. I will admit, there are days that I miss dealing with customers face to face, although I have a new customer, HTG. Where better to put my drive and skills that I have than to the place that gave me this great opportunity. You may be asking what on earth is complex data. Well, that’s a whole different conversation. But what I can tell you, it is what is going to drive all the businesses in the future, what is going to connect companies in ways never before possible and what stands Telstra apart from the rest. But most importantly, it’s complex.

Check out the positions we have available today if you’re interested in growing alongside a close-knit team in a forever-changing, fast-paced environment!

Jared Calder