Surround Yourself With Good People and Great Culture

My experience with HTG began with a call from one of my lovely friends, Taryn, for whom I have known for many years. She knew I wasn’t happy in my job and mentioned that HTG were recruiting for their retail stores. Taryn seemed to really love her job, and being so much alike, she said I’d love it too. She suggested that I let the old job go and surround myself with good people and great culture. I thought it was worth a shot, so I sent my resume off! We were both so excited while I was awaiting a call for an interview. From what Taryn made out, HTG had a great family environment and a fantastic workplace culture to offer.

First impressions

A few days later I received an email to make an appointment with the store manager. When I arrived at the head office, I thought I had walked into Google’s head office! Everything was so impressive I was caught off-guard. What made it even better was everyone I met during the process was really friendly and made sure I felt comfortable. After the interview, the manager walked me out shook my hand and said we would be in touch within the next few days. My adrenaline was at my tipping point!

Three days after the interview, I received a call from Human Resources to congratulate me and that she would like to offer me the job. Overly excited, I accidentally cut her off mid-sentence. “Yes, yes, I would be so happy to have the job!” I said. We both had a giggle about it, and she explained the next steps. Nothing could wipe the grin off my face. I was going to be working in a Telstra retail store as an Effective Floor Manager!

First day on the job

During my first day, I had extensive training and help from my new fellow staff members. All recruits receive two weeks of training to ensure a smooth transition into their new roles. The lab program we all completed was most helpful for me personally because I’m a hands-on learner. Seeing how it’s done in the stores and physically doing it ensured everything I learned, in theory, was applied in practice. And the learning doesn’t stop there! Once the lab is finished, everyone receives ongoing coaching which is great as it keeps you up to speed and ensures even a year on from when I started I still learn something new every day.

My experience with HTG is still ongoing, I still get the hype of day starts knowing every day is unpredictable and exciting. For myself, the most exhilarating moment is seeing a happy, appreciative customer leaving the store with a big smile and so thankful for the help they have received.

The last few weeks I have even had a few customers that have come back into me say, “It’s so nice seeing a happy, bubbly person every time you walk into this store.” My response always is, “When you work for a great company what’s there not to be happy about?” For me, it makes me love this job and my HTG family even more.

Check out HTG’s current openings if you’re interested in a role where you are encouraged and supported to grow continually.

Taylor Marsh