Boost Workplace Productivity and Motivation with Office Icebreakers

Words like ‘fun’ and ‘games’ aren’t typically associated with the word ‘work’. However, it’s not uncommon to see large companies like Apple and Google, right through to small start-up businesses, beginning to understand the benefits office icebreakers can have on workplace productivity and motivation. Some even go as far as installing gaming consoles, arcade machines and game tables in the workplace, but you don’t need to invest to enjoy the many perks of office icebreakers. Here are some of the benefits, including our top office icebreaker picks.

Fix up, look sharp

Office icebreakers help decrease stress and anxiety due to heavy workloads, with regular games proven to have beneficial psychological effects. Improved memory, better concentration, reduced stress, and even delaying the ageing process are only some of the psychological benefits of office icebreakers.

Not only do office icebreakers benefit staff from a psychological point of view, but they also help to build teamwork and cultivate friendships that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred. In turn, this has a significant positive impact on staff satisfaction and helps reduce employee churn rates. Having the tools in place to help increase productivity and morale in the workplace aren’t the only benefits the company will receive, they will attract a large talent pool when hiring and will have larger amounts of applicants to choose from.

Also, having a games room or an emphasis on being able to enjoy yourself at work portrays that the company values the welfare of their staff.

HTG Service team in games room

HTG – Our top picks

Our office icebreakers range from table tennis, basketball through to celebrity heads and even going around and simply paying compliments to other staff members. I am lucky enough to be able to participate in office icebreakers at the start of the day and again just after lunch (a perfect reset after the post-lunch fuzzies). After resetting, my attention to detail and drive is reignited, and I’m ready for another round of closing sales and handling customer objections.

I strongly suggest that you start to introduce these into your daily operations as you will begin to see a clear increase in a happy workplace as well as improved paperwork from all your staff. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love accurate paperwork!

Try it and thank me later! Or check out our current openings if you’re looking to start with a workplace that encourages staff to be the best that they can be!

Benjamin Rogers