Newbies Guide to Successful Customer Service

Many people have different ideas when it comes to what they believe makes successful customer service. Sure, no two people will attend to a customer in the same way, but it’s essential to have a set of guidelines on what works and what doesn’t.  Here at HTG, employees have a very clear set of principles on how to approach customer service; then it’s up to us to put our flair on things. These top tips will ensure you’re on the right track.

Tip 1: Patience

It is so important to have patience in every aspect of customer service. Whether you’re waiting for the next customer, when speaking to a customer, and when filling out orders for customers, being impatient won’t help with anything! Even actions outside of customer service affect your mood and attitude and make a huge difference when it comes time to serve a customer. Having patience means that when you get to speak to that customer, you are ready to listen and can spend the time they need to figure out the perfect solution for them.

Being patient also means that when you’re placing a customers order, you aren’t making errors, and then have to call people back and fix silly mistakes. Now don’t get me wrong, we are all human, and mistakes do happen no matter how patient you are. However, by slowing down, you are sure to end your day with far more happy customers.

Tip 2: Being a good listener

Being a good listener doesn’t mean sitting quietly and nodding your head while your customer tells you their life story. Being a good listener involves engaging and taking note of the subtle cues in every story. You will miss an abundance of opportunities to provide excellent customer service if you’re not paying proper attention to what a person is trying to say. By taking the time to ask questions and take in what a customer is saying, you will be able to pitch better solutions that will best benefit the customer.

Tip 3: Don’t Lie

Some people think being a good liar is an essential skill of a good salesperson. However, there is a difference between lying and being persuasive.  Being persuasive is a useful skill, but telling outright lies is sure to disadvantage both parties. For example, if you say to a customer you will get back to them at a specific time, and you don’t, you have broken their trust, which is a swift way to lose them. Even telling a customer you will only put them on hold for a minute and then return five minutes later is sure to leave a sour taste.

The worst form of lying is trying to act as if you know something when you don’t. Once again, this destroys any trust and authority you have established with your customer. Also, by being honest and demonstrating that you don’t think you know everything proves that you won’t be giving the wrong answers. By taking the time to find out the real answers to customers questions and getting back to them promptly, you are far more likely to prove yourself as helpful and gain the trust of potential customers.

Tip 4: Don’t fake interest – be interested

It is incredibly apparent when somebody doesn’t care about what they are doing. It’s just like trying to fake enthusiasm when opening an unwanted gift; it’s impossible to do and clearly shows. Succeeding in customer service means that you have to be genuinely interested in the things your customers are saying. All relationships are built on trust, and this does not differ with business relationships. If you genuinely care about the customers’ needs and what they have to say, they will want to come back to you. Even if you’re new to customer service, by showing genuine interest you are sure to build relationships as people will want to deal with you in the future. And it’s an incredibly rewarding experience!

Tip 5: Never Stop Learning

As products are continually evolving, keeping up and knowing your products and services is a must in ensuring confident and reliable customer service. Also, ongoing learning and professional development are essential to customer service as they are vital to your levels of motivation. Here at HTG, it’s made clear from the second we walk through the door that ongoing staff learning and development is a clear company focus. With Customer Centred Selling courses, Personal Effectiveness Workshops, Business Acumen courses and more to offer, HTG staff never stagnate in their roles and are always growing to be the best versions of themselves.

Check out HTG’s current openings if you’re interested in a role where you are encouraged and supported to grow continually.