Telstra Retail B1G1 Trivia Night

It can be easy to take your quality of life for granted when caught up in the everyday happenings of the rapid and ever-changing environment of telecommunications. The days can quickly turn into weeks, and weeks into months, often leaving little time to take a step back, self-reflect and take a look at the bigger picture of life. Without this time to reflect, it’s easy to forget just how good your quality of life is, and just how lucky you are for all innovation and development that has gone on behind the scenes to make your life possible.

That’s why Telstra Store Helensvale, Telstra Store Burleigh Heads and Telstra Store Harbour Town joined forces this year for their first Annual Retail Trivia Night Spectacular, which raised money for B1G1’s Educate a Disadvantaged Child program.

Trivia Night Spectacular

The first ever Annual Retail Trivia Night Spectacular was the perfect event! The three Telstra stores, under the HTG umbrella, are full of young, enthusiastic and passionate people who are always eager to come together for both some fun outside of working hours and to help a great cause. Social events outside of working hours an excellent opportunity for staff to blow off some steam, get to know each other better and form better working relationships. Even better, the event would be the first drop in the ocean, leading to a much greater ripple effect.

After only a few quiet weeks of planning, the night came together perfectly! A bit of music, food and drinks was all it took to kickstart the night. We then split each store into groups of five for some quick-fire bingo to get things hot before the main event: trivia.

Five rounds of ten questions included all things movies, music, geography and general knowledge put teams to the ultimate test! Winners even had prizes to take home, but the most significant win was coming together to contribute to B1G1.

In total $1294 was raised on the night, which equates to an astonishing 107 years of schooling to kids in India who have no means for a proper education.


HTG is made up of proud B1G1 giving champions, and we can see why! Partnering with businesses to make global impacts through giving, with ten years of continuous innovation and development, B1G1 has made over 100 million giving impacts.

B1G1 believes every child should be entitled to the basic privilege of a proper education, but are often unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the cost of schooling or due to social stigma. Their Educate a Disadvantaged Child program is only one of their initiatives, which sponsors the education fees of one disadvantaged child for a month.

To have that much of an impact off the back of a bit of fun seems unbelievable. The event puts things in perspective, both on how fortunate we are on a personal level and the role businesses can have in the innovation and development of the communities they are a part of. Our drop certainly has and will continue to ripple a long way.

Grant Fallon