Welcoming Staff, Supportive Leaders & Incentives

When I started at HTG last year, I was stoked to be greeted by welcoming staff, supportive leaders and incentives to help push team members to their full potential. I’m currently working part-time hours while I study, and was very lucky to find such a flexible employer.


I graduated high school in 2016 thinking I had everything figured out. I was accepted into my chosen course of a Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University and was excited to explore all the hype around university lifestyle. Only a few months into my degree I realised I didn’t exactly have everything figured out, although I did get to experience what it meant to be a broke uni student. It very quickly became clear I needed a part-time job.

Welcoming Staff at HTG

One of the first places I applied for part-time work was HTG. I was unsuccessful at the time as my schedule didn’t fit the requirements. However, after a year of study and changing courses I reapplied at HTG for a Retail Customer Advisor position and was successful!

It seems obvious now, but it took me a year to realise that nursing wasn’t for me, so I transferred to a different course. During this time, I’ve been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work at HTG and have already learned so much.

I had never worked in a sales role before. However, HTG’s onboarding process included a lab program which was both challenging and heaps of fun. I learned heaps of new skills I had never come across before and quickly put them to use while being shadowed by experienced and welcoming staff.

The real-life learning scenarios were great as I’d consider myself to be a quite a reserved person. Developing skills on the floor was a great way to learn as it took me out of my comfort zone, but I was supported every step of the way and quickly realised I could be myself!

I was lucky enough to have some of my good friends already working at HTG, but I also met lots of new people who were welcoming and eased me into a challenging role very effectively.


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Key reasons to work at HTG

Not only is working at HTG loads of fun, but they also provide several other staff benefits, including:

  • Staff are welcoming
  • Team leaders are supportive and want to see you achieve
  • Incentives to help push you to your potential
  • Modern headquarters with an in-house cafe

As I started my new course at uni very soon this year, I have been fortunate enough to be working for HTG as they have allowed to me change into a support role for the Helensvale store so I can focus on my university work while also supporting myself financially. What a fantastic company to work for!

If you’re looking for your next opportunity to be with a company that has a great workplace culture and helps staff learn new skills while trying to achieve goals outside of work, then check out our current openings!


Jordan Hinz