Learn Something New or Fulfil Your Passion As a Volunteer

HTG is excited for this year’s National Volunteers Week, which commences on May 21st. There’s no better time to go out and help your local community, learn something new or fulfil your passion as a volunteer.

Do you want to gain experience or broaden your skill set? Maybe you want to build your networking skills, expand your network, or bolster your resume and stand out.

Or, maybe you have an unfulfilled passion or some spare time up your sleeve? If you answered yes then volunteering is for you!

The benefits of volunteering are countless, some more obvious than others:

  • Helping others less fortunate;
  • Creating a better community for yourself and others;
  • Increasing social interaction by meeting new people of different cultures/ backgrounds;
  • Keeping you physically and mentally active;
  • Providing you with better job prospects;
  • Improving your self-esteem and confidence; and
  • Developing emotional stability.

The list could go on!

Ok, so you’ve read some of the benefits, and now you’re wondering how you can contribute. Read on for some awesome ideas and ways to get you started!

Love sport?

Get in involved with your local sporting organisation; chances are they’re looking for volunteers! Whether it’s coaching the under-10s, umpiring, refereeing or helping in the canteen, there’s no shortage of tasks. You could even join the league; meet some great people and stay fit! Your local club could be closer than you think!

Get Baking!

Fancy yourself the next Zumbo? Cook up some amazing treats for your next team meeting and ask for a small donation, with all proceeds going to a local charity or cause of your choice. For extra brownie points, get your whole workplace involved with a different department hosting each month. Express your creativity with so many exciting recipes to choose from.

GO, GO, Captain Planet!

Let your inner eco-warrior out and spend the day outdoors cleaning up. Conserve and protect our unique flora and fauna by simply picking up rubbish as you walk by. There are a number of great groups to join, including Clean Up, Clean Up Australia Day, Earth Day and Earth Hour.

Make the most of the opportunity to give back to any of these great causes!

Group of volunteers picking up rubbish

Winter Spring is Coming!

As the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Get started on your spring cleaning early and gather up any items which have barely been used and donate them to your nearest Vinnie’s. Got nothing to donate? Get on the other side of the counter and shop there! Op shops are notorious for some great fancy dress finds.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Do you “Have a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a dream catch”? Volunteer your time and skills to teach or lead a class! Local libraries and community groups are always looking for people to host classes. From basic computer skills (MS Excel, word, coding), to cooking (baking, international cuisines), music & art; social media uploads and iPhone how-to’s, there’s always plenty of ways to get involved. Continue developing your skills and master your craft while sharing your passion and knowledge with others!

Run, Forrest, Run!

Dust off your runners, grab a group of mates or co-workers and enter a Fun Run. Emphasis on the FUN! Charity runs are a great excuse to dress up in bright colours, tutus and wigs, and run around in public! What could be better?

Puppy Love

Love animals? Help out your local animal rescue group by donating towels, sheets or dry food. Better yet, if you’ve got a few hours spare each weekend, pop into your local shelter. Wanting a long-term relationship or a new family member? Adopt don’t shop! Or if you’re not quite ready, there are numerous organisations needing animal foster carers.  

Check out the other ways HTG makes a difference in the community and to the world!

Thelma Lai