Motivation: The Big Three Ways to Improve Productivity

If you feel like you need any guidance or tips, my guide to improve productivity with three easy and simple steps will help you meet any goals, dreams, obligations, expectations and targets you want to achieve. Applying these tips and tricks is easy, plus it would be a crime for me to not share my secrets with all of you!



Mind-frame comes in at number one because it affects your life, work, health, thought processing and decision making as a whole. Referring to the attitude you have and give yourself every day, mind-frame is affected by everything from your diet and sleep patterns to your lifestyle and self-confidence.

Making sure your mind-frame is right for work and customers is essential to the success of your personal brand and your business. Not only does your attitude affect your work life, but it also comes into play with your social life, as well as changing your health and mood. Make sure you treat your body like a temple to ensure you’re in your best possible mind-frame to perform during work and life!  


First impressions

The second step to improve productivity is making great first impressions. In a customer service role, first impressions are essential not only for your customers, but also to your peers, employer, friends, family, and your sense of self. The image of yourself you are can portray in a short amount of time plays a massive part in the return of business, appointments, advocacy, success, acknowledgement and creating an environment where others love to work with you and be around you.

Ensuring you leave a great first impression is a form of self-advertising, as you are showcasing who you are in a short amount of time. It doesn’t matter if it’s via personal face to face interaction or over the phone. Making sure your first impression is on point and 100% professional will improve your productivity, workflow, motivation and self-confidence to keep pushing and strive for the success you deserve.

Factors influencing first impressions range from how you dress and smile and actively listen, and speak. Remember, you’re always selling yourself!


Time management

The third step to improving productivity is managing your time efficiently. Time management is essential for everyone.  Not only does it influence how you deal with everyday needs, struggles, commitments and obligations, time management also affects your work, customers, orders, systems and meetings. Successful time management will enable you to keep more promises and set higher expectations for yourself.

No one likes waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. Imagine being late for a movie – I mean how embarrassing is it when you walk into a cinema, and everyone is looking at you. It’s the same feeling you get when you’re late for work, except your peers are judging you. That’s because people who manage their time efficiently are never late!

Time management means making sure you plan, prepare, take responsibility, take action, manage your tasks and accept responsibility for anything given to you or assigned to you, or even something you have set for yourself to do or follow up on. Whether it’s to make it to your haircut appointment before your lunch date or following up on a commitment you made to a customer, efficient time management will ensure you’re across all of your meetings promptly. Don’t be the last person to the cinema!

These three values are incredibly important to me. I am passionate about staying true to these aspects of productivity as they have a positive effect on both my work and my life. To conclude, productivity and eventual success comes from the all-round experience we create for ourselves both inside and outside of work.  


I hope there’s something you can take away to be more productive! Check out our current openings you’re interested in your next opportunity being with a company that believes in staff learning and development.


Arie Tazeh-shari