Be Conscious Of Your Mood – Unleash The Power Within!

HTG encourages staff to be the best they can be through the great workplace culture they provide, as well as their ongoing training and support. Ultimately though, self-development and being the best version of yourself comes down to the individual and their state of mind. Everyone possesses the ability to unleash the power within!


How to awaken the giant within

Did you know that if you want to change your mental state, you can do it by altering your physical state?

We do it all the time without even knowing. Like taking a bath when we want to relax, or listening to high energy music and jumping up and down when we want to get ourselves pumped up about something. When you do this, you’re deliberately using your physical body to produce a specific state in your mind, rather than letting your mind unconsciously control your body.

Being conscious of your mood was one of the key focal points of Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” seminar which ran over four days in Sydney in September.

Tony Robbins


Own your mood

Tony Robbins’ basic concept is that we don’t have to be unwittingly influenced by your mind and whatever mood we happen to be in. Instead, you can be constantly aware of your mental state and adjust it whenever you want, to better suit your purpose.

Want to deliver a high energy speech? Pump your arms and breath in and out quickly a few times as though you’re preparing for a running race.

Feeling a little slow because it’s been raining all week? Force yourself to laugh hysterically at nothing in particular, and you’ll find you start laughing for real! Just go into a room by yourself before you do so, or people may think you’ve lost the plot.

If you want your general performance to go beyond the norm, then you must be able to have control over your mental state so that you are ready to kick goals and always show up with a great attitude

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, but the people who make it to the top of their game must have the ability to deliver consistently outstanding performances regardless of what curve balls the day throws.

It’s about being aware of your mental state and then choosing to shift into a state which helps push you closer towards your goals, rather than drag you away from them.

Why don’t you try it today?

When a negative thought creeps into your mind, shut it down, stand up, shake it out and scream, “I’m going to be outstanding today! YES!”

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Rhiannon Brown