Baristas – Changing Lives for the Better

My typical day starts with me jumping out of bed to the sound of my 5:00 AM alarm. I’m at HTG with the coffee machine warming up by 6:30 AM. There’s a step-by-step procedure involved to ensure that the espresso is pulled correctly. However, being a professional barista involves so much more than showing up on time and pushing buttons on a machine. The role requires a combination of art and science, with a necessary passion involved when it comes to bean knowledge, grind variance, water temperature, machine maintenance, and of course, creating latte art.

What do I enjoy about my Job?

My favourite part of the job is the relationships you get to build along the way. You get to appreciate seeing the joy on people’s faces when you hand over that cup of coffee – there’s something special about creating an experience for other people and leaving them with BIG SMILES on their faces! Knowing that you make a difference to someone’s day, and becoming a part of the people you meet who trust you to share their lives, is nothing short of rewarding. HTG is a great place to work as it’s a happy environment where everyone strives toward exceeding exceptional customer service. It is the simple things in life that make a big difference, and there’s no better feeling than changing lives for the better!

Female barista in cafe with quote "sometimes there are people that change your life for the better. These people are called baristas"

People who would suit the job

Of course, a love for coffee is a must! It’s people with a positive attitude who enjoy making other people happy that are best suited to this position. You really do have to love people in this role, as you have to make sure that customers are impressed. As you’re dealing with people face to face all day, you also need to be patient. A certain amount of creativity is also a must. Finally, it’s necessary to have a passion for succeeding in ensuring that every customer will receive a perfect cup of coffee.

My advice

Don’t be in this line of work for the money. People looking to become baristas should love people and be looking to develop their skills. It’s easy to love coffee and a chat, but you need to be prepared to work hard. The more you develop your skills, the more experienced you become, and more opportunities will arise!

Check out the current openings at HTG if you’re interested in a great working environment with an in-house cafe!

Mariana Hanna