HTG Invests in Their People

Not many people are fortunate enough to work for a company that encourages employees to excel through extensive amounts of resources and training. Well, I work for HTG, and I can say that investing in the growth of individuals is what they do!


What led me to HTG?

My interest in HTG began when I visited the Telstra Store at Helensvale with a friend. She had just decided to purchase a new phone while we had our usual Saturday morning coffee. A friendly team member greeted us at the front of the store, before introducing us to the gentleman who organised the purchase. We had a laugh with not only the Store Manager but various other staff members who joined in on the giggle as they walked past during the transaction. To be honest, it felt like we had already known them for a long time.

As the minutes ticked by, our current jobs came up in conversation, which led to the store manager offering us both a job. Surely it can’t be that easy?! At the time, I was already in real estate and wasn’t quite ready to leave, so I turned down the offer. My friend Khayla, on the other hand, landed a job at the Telstra store Helensvale as an Effective Floor Manager. She was now the friendly team member welcoming customers!

The year progressed quite quickly, as it does, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the job I had turned down – so with that, Khayla referred me. Within the next few days, I was in the interview room having a genuine conversation with the Store Manager. Luckily enough, about a week later I got a phone call congratulating me on my new position as an Effective Floor Manager at the Telstra Store Helensvale within HTG.




First impressions & training

The warmth I experienced during my first year with HTG was incredible. I remember telling my Manager that I could work as many days in a row as she wanted me to. Seriously, I loved the place and the people I worked with that much. I felt like I was part of one big family.

As I mentioned, training and development is an integral part of HTG. I fondly remember the DISC profiling training course that I attended with 12 other team members. The day-long session taught us the framework that is used to discuss people’s behavioural differences. Throughout the course, we completed our own DISC profile and how to best function with other behavioural styles during some role-play activities. It was a real eye-opener and a great day!

Attending this course taught me vital skills that I implement daily in the workplace, especially with my role as an Effective Floor Manager. Completing this course has meant I have been able to communicate with customers better and in return receive a better response from them.



HTG has been a rare find. I’m lucky to be a part of a workplace that invests as much as they do in the training and development of their staff. It’s just one of the reasons they have been named a Great Place To Work!  

Take a look at our current openings if you’re interested in working for a company that invests in the development of their people.

Liana Mccarthy