HTG has been a life changer

I’ve learnt so much in the last 8 months at HTG! I might say I have learnt almost as much as I learnt in my whole schooling life. I have made some great friends, met some amazing people and experienced great opportunities that will stay with me for the rest of my life. HTG has truly been a life changer.


A bit about me  

My name is Jeff, and I work for HTG at the Telstra Store Helensvale as a Customer Advisor. Being in an industry where technology is constantly growing and ever-changing has really opened my mind and expanded my knowledge. Not only has working for HTG opened a realm of opportunities, it has given me an insight into customers’ needs and wants in so many possible ways.  

After learning so much from my manager Rachel and members of the leadership team in store such as Jake and Rhys; my skills dealing with customers of all different walks of life and how to approach a range of situations improved dramatically. I now have the confidence to deal with customers and talk to other staff within HTG that I potentially would not have been able to 8 months ago.


From there to now

Since starting at HTG I have completed several training courses and have even been lucky enough to win awards based on my performance. I recently won the Retail Sales Star of the Quarter, to be recognised for the hard work that I put into my role is not a main factor for doing what I do, however it is a reason to keep pushing hard day in and day out!

HTG encompasses a wide range of business units, and one of the most recent opportunities that I was given to explore these other business units was to ride along with one of the Techwell Business Development Managers, Josh Davis, for a day.

Riding along with Josh for the day wasn’t just around the Gold Coast, we travelled out to Ipswich, Sunnybank and Archerfield. I got to experience the life of a BDM for a day, and it was great! Completing this ride along with Josh provided me with the motivation that I needed to develop my own goals and ambitions and discover ways to reaching them. Not only that but it made me realise that there are so many opportunities that HTG has to provide and always a range of pathways to take to get there.

I look forward to seeing where my career at HTG will take me.

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Jeff Markus