It’s the little things that can create an advocate for life

Remembering an experience or a person can be a great thing. In my role as a sales advisor, I come across all kinds of people from all different walks of life. Building rapport and developing relationships with my customers allows me to build a better solution, and it is well known  that building trust with my customers is something I do really well.

In the past I have had many memorable customer interactions, however there was one about 6 months ago that really stuck with me. A lady and her son came into store and she was after a tablet for her son, as it was his birthday.

The son was unaware that his mum was buying a tablet for him, so my colleague and I wrapped the tablet in a bag, and called him over to take a seat. As we handed the boy the bag we wished him a happy birthday and then started singing Happy Birthday to him. The boy ripped open the bag and to his surprise his mum said “Happy Birthday son, here is your very first tablet”.

This is a memory I have not forgotten, and an experience that will stick with the boy and his mother for a long time.

I created an advocate!

Creating advocacy is a big part of my role and is one of our core values at HTG. We treat our customers like family and they love us for it in return.

Often our customers that return to our store refer to us by our first name, that’s why I’m happy to be apart of the HTG family. We have obviously given them service to remember.

If you want to be part of a team that is passionate about providing incredible customer experiences see what roles we have available today.

James Fingleton