I hit apply and then everything changed

I started working in Telco sales straight after I finished school, and did so for 7 years until I decided to pack up and move to London for a couple of years. I came back to Australia in early 2015 and decided I wanted to study, so I took on an easy job to have an income whilst doing this. It didn’t take long until I became very bored as I’m someone who is motivated by challenge, and unfortunately the environment I was in was the opposite.


At this point I decided I needed a change. I had heard about HTG from a few people that had previously worked there, and it just so happened that I came across a position going. I hit apply then and there, and the next thing I knew I had started working at the Burleigh Telstra Store.


Straight off the bat I could tell that this company was different. My team felt like family and my managers cared liked friends. Something that was regularly spoken about was my career progression within the business. Although originally it was not my initial goal, when I was asked if I would be interested in being a Team Leader, I decided this would be my new challenge – and I moved into RLT (Retail Leadership Team) in February 2016 after 7 months with the company.


Since being in RLT I have attended many courses with the company, but specifically an ongoing training program called ‘Aspire’ by Lead C.I. – and their courses are absolutely amazing! You learn tools to lead a team, not only effectively but to their full potential and more. The group is made up of about 10 – 15 people from all different business units within HTG. Each course is 2 days long, however in between courses they have a 1 day accelerate program where we get to catch up with our peers to share success and receive support.



I personally feel that these courses have helped me immensely in the workplace. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to attend them. I honestly believe that the skills I have learnt will be useful in all my future roles, no matter what they might be. Thanks HTG! I understood that you placed value on investing in your staff, but I truly underestimated just how much.


If you’re looking for an exciting career change, have a quick look at what HTG has to offer

Danielle Hollingsworth