My HTG Journey So Far

My childhood was sort of different to most – at least I think it was. I guess it all comes down to a matter of perspective. I had my first job when I was just three years of age appearing in a Campbell’s chicken noodle soup advert. Shooting television adverts and making TV series was basically the norm for me for the next 10 years, all whilst juggling school and attempting to have a social life, which is somewhat difficult to manage, but hey, I was 13 – it’s all a part of the journey.


I graduated from high school in 2011 and decided that performing was something I’m glad I had done, but not something I would pursue as a career.  My aspiration to study was non-existent and I took the first job that came up, which turned out to be delivering pizzas, maybe not the best approach. Cranking tunes, getting tips and not having a care in the world, I quickly got bored (as anyone would) as it wasn’t mentally challenging enough for me and I was after something much more.


After a little bit of searching, I found a new job advertised for the Telstra Store Helensvale. I applied for the position because as I recalled, it was the same store I visited 6 years prior to obtaining a new phone deal. This may sound cliché, but the service I received from the sales consultant there was amazing and I could remember it even after all this time.


It was always in my mind, to get a job at a telco store, as I always found myself adaptable with the ever-updating technology and furthermore I wanted to work here from that great experience I had.


You wouldn’t believe it but I got an interview! After several meetings with multiple managers, I landed a sales representative role at the very store I got the great customer advocacy experience from. To this day I’m working in what I can honestly say is the best job I have ever had.  I have a voice, I have a vision, I have a team that are all friends with one another both in and outside of work.  I have opportunities and I have goals they help me to pursue.


The best part of all this is that the same person that served me on that day 6 years ago and gave that amazing experience is now my store manager. It is great to see that the values and vision that consultants have when they serve a customer are the same values and vision they treat their staff, I believe I’ve experienced it firsthand.


If the next step in your journey sounds like a new career with a company that literally has your interest at heart, I urge you to view the available positions we have.


Trent Sullivan – Customer Advisor, Telstra Store Helensvale.