What’s It Like to Be Part of the HTG Software Team

Want to evolve your work skills in a rapidly changing business environment? That’s what we’re all about in the HTG Software Team. From software programmers and architects to system engineers, IT technicians and technical support people, our career opportunities are as varied as the businesses we service.

Technology moves at a rapid rate and as a result, we’re one of the most adaptable and flexible business units in HTG.  With new challenges at every turn, our team operates from all corners of the globe and offers a wealth of career options for the right people.

To keep up to date with our technical environment, team members regularly attend conferences and undertake self-paced online learning. We cover every relevant subject from programming languages and security information to software development libraries and emerging user experience trends. In fact, we’ve just implemented a technical learning strategy where all staff must spend 10% of their time on learning and R&D. We know that learning is a personal journey and so we aim to develop individual abilities and skills through a range of channels. Our internal training programs have been developed to share knowledge, collaborate on projects and work towards achieving results.

And when it comes to ideas, we recognise that they can come from anywhere, even our customers. Sometimes they’re brilliant and sometimes… not so much, but we foster a start-up culture where we’re always exploring new ways of doing things. We might not be Google, yet, but we’re a part of an incredibly fast-paced and exciting industry.

The most important focus of our day-to-day work is on providing technology and expertise that simplifies people’s working lives, creates business opportunities, and gives them improved business control. This mission adds meaning to our work so if we’re not adding value to our customers, then we change our direction so that we do. It’s a fine balance between working in the urgent present and looking towards future developments.

Our team works closely together, occasionally driving each other crazy but ensuring a healthy work-life balance and a creative and supportive environment. We’re always on the lookout for other skilled professionals to join us, so if that sounds like you,  then check out our current openings